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  • Hexacon - your partner for measurements
  • Hexacon - your partner for measurements
  • Hexacon - your partner for measurements
Hexacon Messtechnik GmbH specializes in the area of precision hole and chamfer measurement.
We manufacture high-precision hole measuring heads according to your individual diameter specifications. Applications range from manual measurement to fully automated measurement. We also offer an extensive line of system accessories.
The repeat accuracy of our hole measuring heads at IT 8 is < 1µ.
100% Made in Germany
All Hexacon PMK precision measuring heads and chamfer measuring heads, chamfer probes and insertion measuring instrumentsare tough, reliable, high-precision metrology equipment made 100% here in Germany! This allows the strictest of quality requirements and standards for quality assurance to be met. Our system accessories, such as gauge holders, centering holders and depth extensions are also made in our own facilities. The accessories are in stock in the warehouse.
Know-how and years of experience
Our engineering services in the area of technical and production technology development since 1996 guarantee you perfect measurement problem solutions in the area of precision hole and chamfer measurement.Many years of experience in consulting and the implementation of customer-specific problems offer you a high level of know-how for measurement tasks in production as well as in quality assurance.
Titanium nitride coating
All Hexacon PMK´s are manufactured of high-quality tool-grade steel and treated at no extra charge with a quality-improving titanium nitride coating. This has been our standard for many years. TiN coating provides very good hardness, about 2200 HV, as well as corrosion resistance with outstanding sliding and friction characteristics. TiN coatings also slide easily to prevent the measurement object from tilting and sticking during the measurement procedure. This results in less wear and longer life for measurement tools, as well as greater cost-effectiveness.
Precision measuring points
The measuring points in the PMK measuring heads are precision fabricated from tough, high-quality coated hard metal. Diamond measuring points of synthetic diamond are available upon request. (Not for blind hole variants and outer diameter measuring heads)
Repair capability and service
All our hole and chamfer measuring instruments are not only robust, but are also outstandingly capable of repair. Our services include the delivery of original replacement parts up to and including complete refurbishment and remanufacture of worn measuring tools to as-new condition, as well as recalibration of metrology equipment.
Advantages of our products at a glance:
  • high measuring accuracy
  • tin coating
  • long wear life
  • modular system
  • extensive accessories for hand gauge,
  • automatic measurement combinable
  • with air gauging or other technique
  • cost effective measurement
  • special design
  • measuring heads
  • short delivery times
  • competitive prices